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How to automatically publish blog posts to a Facebook page

Twitterfeed is a free service which (among other things) lets users automatically publish blog posts to a Facebook page. As the name implies, Twitterfeed can also be used to automatically post content to Twitter. I’ve found its capabilities unique, however, since it allows publishing of a web feed to a Facebook PAGE instead of just a Facebook personal profile. This is handy when folks in an organization want to post content one time (in this case, to a blog) and have that content cross-post other places for maximum visibility and minimum effort. I’m sure there are other ways to do this, and if you achieve this same functionality with another service or technique please let me know in the comments!

In the following five minute screencast, I demonstrate this process. This requires several things:

  • A free account on Twitterfeed
  • An active Facebook account, which has admin / administrator rights over at least ONE Facebook page (this can be a page you created or someone else created and later made you an admin on)
  • The web feed address of a blog you want to auto-update to the Facebook page

I cross-posted this Screencast to YouTube as well.

Hat tip to Dean Shareski for sharing Twitterfeed and it’s powerful capabilities a few months back!

Facebookphoto © 2009 Franco Bouly | more info (via: Wylio)

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2 responses to “How to automatically publish blog posts to a Facebook page”

  1. Darren Draper Avatar


    I’ve found Twitterfeed to be inconsistent in their posting. On and off again.

    So, I switched a few weeks ago to the RSS Graffiti Facebook app and have been *very* pleased with it. I also switched to Feedburner’s autoposting to Twitter about a year ago and have never turned back.

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Thanks Darren! The first day I had Twitterfeed active it didn’t update until I manually updated it, which was strange. I’ll check out RSS Graffiti for Facebook. I have been using TwitterTools to auto-post from my WordPress blog… I’m honestly not sure at this point how I’m auto-posting from Twitter to Facebook… I think I configured a Facebook app to “listen” for that. I’d like to filter out my @replies so they don’t post to Facebook… Is that possible with RSS Graffiti for Facebook?