The following is cross-posted from my “FAQs for T4T” blog, which I’ve used again teaching “Technology for Teachers” at the University of Central Oklahoma in the Spring 2011 term.

EduBlogs blogs run on WordPress, and WordPress does not like / does not accept “iframe” embed codes for all user types. If you stay in “HTML mode,” don’t switch your dashboard post view to “Visual” model, AND are an “administrator” on the blog to which you’re posting, “iframe” code can work. For our class blog, however, to which all students are classified as “authors” rather than administrators, “iframe” embed code doesn’t work.

For this reason, when embedding rich media in a blog post you need to use alternate embed code which does not use the “iframe” syntax. On Screenr, when you view a completed screencast and want to embed it, do NOT click the SHARE link over the screencast itself. Instead, click GET EMBED CODE to the right of the screencast.

Embed Screenr without iframe code

Next, click USE OLD EMBED CODE and copy the “non-iframe” version of the screencast embed code and copy it.

Screenr - Use Old Embed Code

This is the code you’ll want to use on your WordPress blog, and it should work fine to embed your Screenr screencasts.

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