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Here’s to the Students (and Teachers) who Refuse to be Standardized

The following 54 second video is not only an effective marketing message for the July 30th “Save our Schools” march in our nation’s capitol, it’s also a poignant reminder that as citizens we need to stand up and take action on behalf of students as well as teachers in our public schools. Here’s to the students:

Here’s to the teachers:

Are you planning on attending or considering attending the “Save our Schools” march? I’m thinking seriously about it.

Via Anthony Cody.

Protesting Against Education Budget Cutsphoto © 2008 William Murphy | more info (via: Wylio)

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3 responses to “Here’s to the Students (and Teachers) who Refuse to be Standardized”

  1. Wendy S. Pratt Avatar

    Wes:  LOVE the videos!  Guess I hadn’t seen them before. THANKS for sharing. — Wendy