I shared a three hour workshop for 46 Texas principals this morning at the 2011 Texas Elementary Principals & Supervisors Association Summer Conference in Austin, Texas. This face-to-face, hands-on workshop was the capstone learning event for the TEPSA eAcademy (Cohort 1) for administrators. Each administrator received an iPad at the start of the eAcademy and participated in multiple webinars (via Adobe Connect) throughout the year, learning about educational iOS applications as well as strategies for providing visionary leadership for teachers on their campuses using technology tools with students.

Resources shared during this morning workshop are listed in this post from PlayingWithMedia.com. One of our activities today was reflecting on what it means to have “digital vision” as a school leader in 2011. We watched the following video created by Montana administrators in January 2011, and workshop participants wrote a short reflection using the “Notes” application on their iPads. They shared those reflections with each other using a free website I setup on Posterous.com (edusandbox.posterous.com) and emailing those notes to the website.

I used this Posterous blog post as a virtual “home base” (borrowing the parlance of Maria Henderson, shared last Friday in White Oak) for our workshop activities today. One of the first things I helped workshop participants do was create a “home screen” button / link / app icon on their iPads for this page, which we continued to use throughout the morning.

Many thanks to Scott Laleman, who left four thoughtful comments on posts shared by our workshop participants this morning! We now have 34 posts on our “shared learning blog,” and we started this morning with one! It was great to help this group of school principals experience the “power of Posterous” in aggregating media… AND the ability to MODERATE both student posts AND comments… for FREE, on Posterous! If you’re interested in a how-to screencast about that process, see my post “Set Up a Moderated Class Blog on Posterous” linked from the “text” page of PlayingWithMedia.com. This screencast is 11 minutes long.

Resources shared during my afternoon breakout session at TEPSA, “Leading Schools with Digital Vision in a Bubblesheet World,” are available on my Google site: wiki.wesfryer.com. Presentation slides are available as a 2.6 MB PDF.

I wish I had shared more iPad apps during our workshop this morning! The following diagram, which I created with Popplet Lite for iPad (free) shows what I HOPED to address in our workshop:

iPads and Technology Integration for School Principals

Even though I didn’t “cover it all,” I think our workshop participants had fun and hopefully got some new ideas for leading teachers with their “iPads in hand” this year!

Many thanks to Trae Kendrick and TEPSA for this opportunity to learn and share with so many forward-thinking Texas principals!

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4 Responses to iPads and Technology Integration for School Principals #tepsa11

  1. Kboser says:

    Wes i like when I get resource filled posts from you. I can’t read all tue resources on iPad apps you shared via the popplet picture because the resolution is too low– the small words are unreadable. Any chance you could repost as a list or point me to where I can find your list (I know you often have a slide show to go with your workshops you post) thanks!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Sorry that resolution wasn’t better! I’m not sure if the free version of Popplet is the same in terms of image export equality as the paid, but this certainly isn’t good enough! I took screenshots zoomed in on each part of the outline and posted them to Flickr. You can view higher res versions on Flickr which should be more readable. Hope this helps! Glad you found the resources in this post helpful!




  3. Jason Epstein says:

    This is fantastic and I have been looking for something like this to use with my school leadership.  After I really look over this, would you mind speaking with me more about this type of workshop?  Also, could I use this as a foundation for my PD with my school leaders.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jason Epstein
    CIO, Worcester Academy
    Twitter: @epstein27:disqus

  4. Wesley Fryer says:

    Thanks, Jason! Yes, please use any of these materials under a Creative Commons Attribution-Only license. I’d be delighted to visit with you!

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