I learned today it’s possible to share “digital breadcrumbs” from your activities on YouTube to various social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader. I don’t want to fill my Twitter and Facebook channels with this minutiae, but it seems like a good thing to share on my Google Reader account.

YouTube breadcrumbs to Google Reader

I already share quite a few “digital breadcrumb” activities on my Friendfeed account: friendfeed.com/wfryer.

Wesley - Services - FriendFeed

I wish Google Sites created an RSS feed for recent activity, like PBworks does, so I could add that feed as well. I’ve been using a free Google site I mapped to wiki.wesfryer.com for several years now to share handouts and my presentation / consulting schedule.

Trunk.ly is a very interesting ‘digital breadcrumb’ site which I discovered a few months ago, which can aggregate links you share on the social bookmarking site delicious.com, as well as Twitter and Facebook. I setup an account on trunk.ly/wfryer. I also have this site archive the articles I share on Google Reader as well as links I post to wfryer.posterous.com. I primarily use that Posterous site to archive good links which I can’t readily save to Diigo, which I use as my primary social bookmarking site. I have my Diigo set to cross-post to delicious.com/wfryer. Lots of iPad news apps include a ‘share to email’ option, so this makes a Posterous site (which uses email for posting content) ideal to use as an iPad idea archive.

Is all this “digital breadcrumb sharing” TOO MUCH? I’m not sure. I do know I frequently use these sites myself to find / rediscover links I found in the past. This is analogous to making these websites part of my “offboard brain.” By saving links to trusted websites, I know I can go back to them later and find them. This is a HUGE benefit of using social media websites like these. The fact that “digital breadcrumbs” of these virtual activities can be shared with others is a big bonus. I learn a TON every week from people I follow not only on Twitter, but also on Friendfeed and Google Reader. Currently on Google Reader “254 people are following me, I’m following 82 people.” I’m not sure what my stats are for Friendfeed. I actually don’t “maintain” my Friendfeed account much, but since I’ve set it to be my Google Chrome homepage I frequently will see a link there others have shared. In this way, Friendfeed is part of my browser ‘dashboard.”

How much “digital breadcrumb sharing” do you think is TOO MUCH?

Footprints in the Sandphoto © 2010 Rachel Davies | more info (via: Wylio)

What are you using as your “information dashboard” these days? I find sites like Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook, which can be funneled and redirected into other tools and channels like Flipboard, are the ones I find most valuable. I want to “digitally invest” my time in these tools. They are “powerful ingredients for blended learning!”

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