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A Live Action Charlie Chaplin Google Doodle #gct

Back in April 2011, a team at Google created the first “live action Google doodle” to commemorate the birthday of Charlie Chaplain.

In a post about the project and Chaplain, Google doodler Ryan Germick wrote:

Chaplin is also one of my creative heroes. Despite being an art-obsessed high schooler preemptively bored by anything in black and white, I borrowed a VHS tape of Chaplin’s work from the library on a lark. It’s not an exaggeration to say watching it changed my life. I laughed, I cried—I cried from laughter. For the first time I realized the power of visual storytelling.

I love this photo of one of the storyboards used by the Google creative team to make this short film.

Storyboard of Charlie Chaplain Google Doodle Short Video

Do your students know about Charlie Chaplain and his contributions to our cultural history, particularly in cinema? Consider introducing him to your students this year in the context of digital storytelling. He has a lot to teach us! Learn more on the official Charlie Chaplain website, Thanks to the Google Doodle team for sharing this inspiration!

Via CNN, “Google’s Changing Doodles

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     Speaking of digital storytelling and media lieracy, The Story of Movies has free lesson plans for teachers…good stuff @