Equipped as a storychaser with my iPad2, a $60 iRig mic, and the help of friends (as well as some bystanders) willing to be short-term videographers, I’ve recorded a series of interviews this week here in Philadelphia for the 2011 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

This fifth episode (and my last one to publish for this evening) features a 7.5 minute interview with Travis Allen, the founder of the iSchoolInitiative.

The following six minute video by Travis on YouTube, “The iSchool initiative (Mobile Learning)” has over 39,000 views.

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4 Responses to Voices of #iste11 – The 1:1 Digital Learning Revolution in Schools (Travis Allen – iSchool Initiative)

  1. Stephen Rahn says:

    I am very proud to work at the university Travis is attending. Kennesaw State is proud of the good work he is doing.

  2. Thanks for posting the video! Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to make it to ISTE this year so I appreciate you posting updates.

    Abilene Christian University here in Texas has been working really hard to implement the sort of mobile learning discussed. They’ve also been doing a good job with sharing their research and outcomes with mobile learning: http://www.acu.edu/technology/mobilelearning

    They also recently launched a technology-rich “Learning Studio”. I have a post on my blog with pictures of the new learning spaces: http://design4learning.net/2011/acu-learning-studio

  3. Ouida McDaniel says:

    Hi Mr. Fryer,
    My name is Ouida McDaniel.  I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the College of Education.  I am taking a class called EDM 310 with Dr. Strange.  We have assigned blogs that we read and must comment on and then post a summary on our Class Blog.  Your video was very interesting to me because on a previous assignment we watched the video by Travis on the iSchool Initiative.  I am very impressed with the ideas that he proposed and am thankful to hear more from him.  You also mention that Maine was the first state to say that every middle school student needs an portable educational device.  This is something that is so new to me.  Where my kids attend school they are not allowed to bring phones, iPods, or any other type of technology from home.  How would you suggest as teachers and parents here in George County MS that we try to make a change within the system to allow students to start using these devices for educational purposes at school?

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