Missed the opening keynote at the 2011 International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) conference last week in Philadelphia? No worries, ISTE and John Medina have generously posted his speech about “Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School” in its entirety on YouTube! The entire video is 76 minutes long, but Dr. Medina starts talking at the 30:20 mark. I’ve configured this direct YouTube video link and the video embed code below to start at the beginning of his speech. If you watch from this point, the video is 46 minutes long.

I used youtubetime.com for the direct link to this “delayed” video start time and these instructions with the older, deprecated YouTube embed code (not the default “iframe” code) to create the embedded version. The embed code requires you to convert the time delay into just seconds, so while the direct link time delay is 30 minutes and 20 seconds, the embed code delay time is 1820 seconds. This is a nice technique to use when sharing videos like this, containing great ideas which start several minutes into the actual video.

Hat tip to Ann Michaelsen for sharing the video link.

I noticed in preparing this post that ISTE has turned on Google ads for this specific video. As a result, some visitors (like me) are being shown the ad “Single and Over 40 – Try Mature Singles Only” alongside Dr. Medina’s keynote. Not the best example of co-branding for ISTE. It would be nice if YouTube permitted video owners to specify ad types or categories to allow. “Dating sites” are popular, but might not be a choice ISTE would choose intentionally for its conference videos. As far as I know, YouTube’s Promoted Videos program doesn’t offer this kind of selective advertising preference. Perhaps someday it will.

Not a great ad for the ISTE video

Dr. Media’s book “Brain Rules” is available as an eBook for Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

If you’re looking for “More Medina on YouTube,” check out his Authors@Google presentation from 2008. It’s 54 minutes long.

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One Response to John Medina’s #iste11 Keynote on YouTube: Brain Rules

  1. Jason :) says:

    That ad is funny… I noticed one the other day when watching a Kahn Academy video… I worry that this is sign of the times to come… http://techsavvyteacher.com/?p=525

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