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Include Geo Location Info for iPhoto Exported Flickr Images

If you want to include automatically saved geo/location information with photographs you take with an iPhone or other camera when you export the photos from iPhoto on a Mac and publish them to Flickr, you need to make several changes to your preference settings in both iPhoto ’11 and on Flickr.

First, change the default settings in iPhoto – Preferences – Advanced. Choose to “Include location information for published photos.”

Advanced iPhoto '11 - Include location information for published photos

Second, when exporting your photos from iPhoto (if you choose to not upload directly to Flickr within the iPhoto application) be sure to check the box “Include Location Information.”

Include Location Info in iPhoto Export

Third, change your Flickr default privacy settings to import EXIF info. (That’s the geo-location meta information included with photos.)

Flickr set to import EXIF location data

I like using the Flickr Uploadr application (free) to upload my photos after saving them from iPhoto into folders on my local hard drive.

Be sure you understand the privacy implications of changing these settings before you upload photos. In my case this week, I want to have Flickr automatically create maps of the locations where I took photos in Montana. (I don’t have my photos from Glacier NP uploaded yet, however.) If you’re sharing photos you take from your house or somewhere else which has a location you don’t want to disclose, be sure to revert / change these settings again before publishing those photos.

Map of Montana Photos

I discovered these needed settings via this Flickr forum post (about iPhoto settings) and this post in the same thread (about Flickr EXIF import settings) after Googling for an answer this evening.

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