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Google Earth as a Transformative Tool for Teaching within Content Domains

These are my notes from Jeff Crews' session "Google Earth as a Transformative Tool for Teaching within Content Domains and Indian Education" at the 14th Annual August Institute, "Technology Runs Through It" conference at the University of Montana in Missoula. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS.

Attaching places to names is a powerful engine for student learning

Google presentation:

Jeff on Twitter:

Spatial Sci is Jeff's own company

Looking at the world from a different perspective can be a powerful thing

Our own perspective shapes our reality

75,000 new workers will be needed in GIS fields in upcoming years (US Dept of Labor)

Great Google Earth keyboard shortcut: Hold down shift key and drag earth down

More Google Earth keyboard shortcuts

Google Earth "imagery date" is shown in lower left corner of screen when you are zoomed in
Choose VIEW – HISTORICAL IMAGERY to see older versions

After you find directions between two locations in Google Earth, at the bottom of the search window there is a button that looks like 3 shapes in a triangle. Click that to control your "tour," and use the tour play button in the lower left corner of you main Google Earth screen
– Note the toolbar at the top of your Google Earth window changes

Keyhole out of San Diego actually came out with Google Earth, they had a browser called "Earth Viewer" and Google bought them

We are going to offer 2 day workshops on Google Earth for Grad credit

Google Earth Rumsey Historical Maps layer (choose Layers, Gallery, Rumsey Historical Maps)

We need to move from a paradigm of students as consumers to producers of info/knowledge

Geo-science project example: Wolf Tracking with Google Earth

Pop vs Soda Controversy: a good geographic information system (GIS) visualization example:

Google Earth Pro has a moviemaker app, also lets you calculate area
– as an educator you can get it free, after you apply for it

KML file (keyhole markup languag) file

Dig Here KML file shows your location on opposite side of the world (like you've dug a hole through the center of the earth)

Tsunami Wave Height Model for Google Earth (this is an AWESOME visualization of the tsunami!)

KMZ = keyhole markup zipped (zip file, can include more information so it's compressed for faster transfer over the Internet)

Live Fire Data in the United States

Historical Tornado tracks in the United States on Google Earth

Virtual Globetrotting has abandoned and current military missile sites worldwide:

Puff-Volcanic Ash Tracking Model (Google Earth KML file links appear to be broken)

Google Earth official gallery has some AMAZING virtual tours

To make your own Google Earth tour:
– Right click (Mac control click) MY PLACES in the left sidebar and choose ADD – NEW FOLDER

Great Montana-specific Google Earth KML/KMZ files

Place Names Project

Includes tour of Flathead Indian Reservation

Example: Salish and Pend d'Oreille Place Names


Copy of this Placenames project was sent to every library in Montana

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