I’m presenting a repeated workshop for teachers in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, Monday. I’ve titled the presentation, “The Roadmap to Blended Learning.” The session description is:

What is blended learning and why should educators embrace it? How can we move towards a vision of blended learning in our schools? This session presents an OVERVIEW, WAYPOINTS, and DIRECTIONS for the Roadmap to Blended Learning.

I’ve shared a variety of resource links on my curriculum wiki. These include:

The 7.5 minute video, “Iowa Did You Know?” (August 2011)

A 3 minute introduction to Moodle.

Martin Dougiamas‘s July 2011 update and overview of Moodle on SlideShare.

In the second hour of each session (which will be repeated in the morning and afternoon) we’ll be exploring some of the Moodle demo courses available on the official Moodle.org demo site.

In addition to encouraging teachers to build and cultivate their classroom “home base” (wiki) and “newspaper” (blog) I’m throwing down the glove for the playing with media classroom challenge!

the playing with media classroom challenge

Even if you’re not a teacher in Ft Gibson, I encourage you to take the challenge! More on this to come as my advocacy for “playing with media” continues!

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