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The Changing Face of Home Media Consumption

Media access and media consumption behaviors are changing in our homes. A few weeks ago, I received an email (via Flickr) from the Interactive Project Coordinator of the National Building Museum‘s “House and Home” exhibition. She was asking for permission to use and license the photo, “Laptops at Home,” which I took in June 2009 and posted to Flickr. Of course I said yes to her request!

Laptops at Home

Back in October of 2008, I took the following photo of our kids on a Saturday morning. I titled this photo, “The replacement for Saturday morning cartoons.”

The replacement for Saturday morning cartoons

As I’ve shared this latter photo in presentations in the past year, I’ve realized it’s no longer representative of the way my own kids consume media at home. They are rarely all on laptops, or on laptops at all. More often, they’re accessing Internet movies and resources or watching DVDs using iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, or the game system connected to our living room TV. Recognizing this fact, I’ve wanted to take a “new version” of these media consumption patterns. I figured I could take separate photos and combine them into a single image on my iPhone using Diptic. ($2) This evening after supper each child migrated to their media-consumption location of choice, without any prompting from me, and I got their permission to record the moment. Here it is.

The Changing Face of Home Media Consumption

So Sarah faced into the image rather than outside it, I used Adobe PhotoShop Express (free) on my iPhone to flip her image horizontally before creating the photo collage in Diptic. This photo represents our home media consumption habits much better than those photos from 2008 and 2009.

Sarah watching Netflix on a laptop

Alexander watching Netflix on an iPad

Note the Netflix DVD sleeve in this last photo. Rachel chose to watch an actual DVD this evening, but more often these days chooses to stream movies or television programs from Netflix.

Rachel watching a DVD on our TV

My how quickly things change.

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