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New iPhoneography App Recommendations in Shanghai

Today in Shanghai for the Learning 2.011 Conference, I shared a workshop on iPhoneography and Smartphone Photography. Following the workshop, Tim Winterfeld (from Seoul, South Korea) and Sheldon Bradshaw (from Beijing, China) shared the following iPhoneography apps I hadn’t heard about and am eager to try!

Pixlr-o-matic (free) lets you add multiple filters simultaneously to the same photo taken with an iPhone, iPad2 or 4th generation iPod Touch.

Photo Booth Classic (99 cents) is similar to the PhotoBooth app which comes with every Mac computer, but it’s available for iOS devices. Think photo booth at a carnival, but the camera’s in your hand. The app creates a “filmstrip” of multiple images, merged together as a single file.

Juxtaposer ($2.99) lets you combine multiple photos to create “photo montages.” This reminds me of Color Splash, in the way you use your finger to “paint” over the image on the screen. Instead of changing pixels from black and white to color, however, with Juxtaposer you “reveal” or “hide” pixels to make your montage.

Super Camera 2 (99 cents) is a filter app with 25 included, preset filters, but also includes different options for shooting / photo capture like anti-shake, burst mode, self-timer, etc.

In addition to these apps, Sheldon and Tim shared two more which facilitate photo sharing directly to other iOS devices connected to the same wifi network. PhotoSync ($1.99) will synchronize photos AND videos on your iOS device with a folder on your computer or other iOS devices. Those devices need to also have the PhotoSync app installed. Students and teachers at Sheldon’s school (Western Academy of Beijing) use this app on their iPads to share photos during collaborative group work. Tim shared the Color app (free) which enables immediate photo sharing with other iOS devices connected to the same wifi network. He’s used this with some Apple teacher meetups. This also can open good possibilities for sharing photos when students are working on group projects.

For more iOS app recommendations, for iPhoneography and other purposes, see my curated lists on Appolicious. I’m eager to give these new apps recommended by Sheldon and Tim a try!

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3 responses to “New iPhoneography App Recommendations in Shanghai”

  1. Cgrabe Avatar

    I sincerely enjoyed your presentation but as a teacher I was disappointed in one point. You talked about your daughter’s The Hobbit in Five Minutes – what a creative idea – but you made the comment that she did not read the book. As a result you played right into the hands of the folks that criticize technology for lack of content and technology for technology’s sake. I don’t necessarily agree that it is a great summer assignment for everyone to read the same book as I would like to see choice built in, but creativity and higher order thinking would have been even greater if she had red the original content.

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    I totally agree she should have read the book. She was assigned five novels to read over the summer and I think she read or listened to three of them. As parents my wife & I definitely were encouraging and helping her to read all of them.

    My intent in helping her create this video was not to shortcut or circumvent the assignment to read the entire book, but rather to do the best we could the few days before school started on August 1st.

    This year her sixth grade English class is reading “The Fellowship of the Ring” and she is alternatively reading chapters and listening to them on CD.