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The Best Conference I Ever Attended…

This short video, “The Best Conference I Ever Attended…” was shot and edited in 15 minutes on an iPad2 at the Learning 2.011 Conference in Shanghai, China, on September 8, 2011. Inspired the the satirical model of Marco Torres‘ “Teacher Movie,” we tried to highlight some of the things which need to change about professional conferences.

Our planning document for this video is on:

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I do not know if Marco’s original “Teacher Movie” is available online anywhere. There was a YouTube version, but it’s been taken down. I’m not sure if the original .Mac version of Marco’s video is still online. I don’t think so, as my own .Mac webpage movies are offline because of changes Apple made to the .Mac / MobileMe website. If you have a link to that original movie, please share it as a comment!

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