In the course of your studies or the studies of your students on World War II, is the Dunkirk evacuation part of your curriculum? That was an amazing and inspirational rescue by sea, but did you know even more people were rescued by boat from Manhattan Island in New York City after the 9-11 terrorist attacks in 2001? Take twelve minutes and watch the short documentary, “BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience,” narrated by Tom Hanks.

It’s a moving piece and makes me wish it didn’t take tragic events to bring people together and “bring out the hero” in everyday folks.

From a digital storytelling perspective, this video is very well crafted.

Thanks to Ron Peeler for sharing this.

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2 Responses to Boatlift: More Rescued by Sea after 9-11 than at Dunkirk [video]

  1. Ujjala says:

    why wasn’t this story told at the 10 anniversary and even before.  I never heard about this till now.  It is an amazing story that should truly be remembered.  To see so many boats coming to the rescue on 9/11 is heart warming and shows us how we as humans are there for each other.  Let us be there for each other every day not just when there is some sort of tragedy. Ujjala

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