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YouTube Aggregates Videos Shared on a Blog

Here’s a great new feature of Google and YouTube I discovered today: For some blogs (not sure how they discriminate) Google is automatically aggregating all the YouTube videos shared in posts. Here’s my channel.

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These channels are “subscribable” using a YouTube account like a “normal” channel. This is a nice feature, and demonstrates how content published to the open web can be remixed, reorganized and redistributed in a variety of ways to communicate with a bigger (or in some cases more specific) audience.

I’m not sure how this YouTube referenced blog channel was setup or if it’s possible to “submit” a blog to become an aggregated video channel. Of course, I link to videos on Vimeo and other sites (like Celebrate Oklahoma Voices) from time to time, and those videos aren’t included here: just the YouTube ones. If you have any insights into how this works or how others can create similar YouTube video blog referenced aggregated channels (boy that’s a mouthful) please comment.

As a percentage, I wonder how many US schools permit teachers to access YouTube at school today? I wonder what the percentage is for student access at school? My unscientific perceptions tell me the numbers are growing, but slowly. We need more advocacy for balanced filtering, differentiated filtering, and campaigns focusing on digital citizenship in schools to change those numbers faster.

Differentiated Content Filtering @ School

See resources for my August 2011 presentation in Montana on “Smart Networks” for more ideas along these lines.

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