This morning in Qatar our hotel breakfast buffet had several unusual items which caught my attention. First of all, there was delicious hummus served in small cups. It was wonderful on warm pita bread! This was some of the best hummus I’ve ever tasted.


Smoked mackerel wasn’t something I was expecting. It was fishy (not a surprise I’m sure) and ok, but I probably won’t eat it again tomorrow.

Smoked Mackerel

The goat cheese had a powerful flavor, which I was expecting. The accompanying fig was good but different as a breakfast fruit.

Goat Cheese

Sushi isn’t a normal breakfast item for me, particularly with a little wasabi, but today it went well with orange juice!


The olives were amazing. I liked the black olives best.


Here are a few more photos of some interesting and unusual sights. (We haven’t been “out” to see a great deal as our presentations started today, but these are some highlights.)

This is the view this morning from my hotel balcony on the eighth floor. The area across the canal appears to be for construction materials. During the day dust built up on the horizon which I thought might be pollution, but we learned it is sand and dust.

View from my hotel balcony in Doha

This is a Porche police car, which was an escort vehicle for military officials visiting our hotel this morning. Never seen a Porche like this one!

Qatari Police Porche

This is the banner for our conference at Qatar Academy. Can you see who our sponsors are?

Middle Level Years Learn-Tech Conference

Sponsored by ExxonMobil

This was an interesting ad I saw from our car on the way back to the hotel. This is an Arab fellow who is dressed to look like Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp. In the lower right corner you can see this is an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken, but they must have a partnership with a seafood chain here because he’s advertising a shrimp dish. We don’t have this at KFC in Oklahoma!

Qatari Jack Sparrow

This evening we’re headed to a dinner at the head of school’s house. I’ve started a Flickr collection for my trip photos.

On a professional note, session resources are available for my two workshops this afternoon at Qatar Academy:

Our learning in Doha, Qatar continues!

Entrance to Qatar Academy

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2 Responses to Unusual and Tasty Breakfast Buffet Items in Qatar

  1. Glad you got to visit my former school, Wes! 🙂 and meet many of my wonderful colleagues there. I hope you enjoyed the conference and were treated to some of that famous Arabian hospitality. 

    P.S. The hummous in Qatar truly is THE best I’ve had anywhere!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

     I wish I could find somewhere in Oklahoma City which had hummus as good as we had in Qatar! Really amazing 🙂

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