Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

DEN Tech or Treat: Playing with Media

Tomorrow on Saturday, October 22, 2011, I’ll be joining over 1000 educators from around the United States (and probably some other countries) in the Fall 2011 Discovery Educator’s Network Virtual Conference: Tech or Treat!

Fall 2011 Discovery Educators Network Virtual Conference

I’ll be sharing a spotlight session at 1 pm Eastern / noon Central / 11 am Mountain / 10 am Pacific on “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing.” In the spirit of the webinar’s theme, “Tech or Treat,” I’ll be offering both during my session. If you want to peek, check out slide 11 or 85 of my presentation slides on SlideShare. The offer expires midnight Eastern time on Sunday, October 23rd!

The links within the SlideShare above should be “clickable” in your web browser. Additional links and resources are available on my handouts wiki. Please join the DEN Tech or Treat fun tomorrow! (Registration is FREE and it’s not too late.) Follow the public backchannel with the Twitter hashtag #denvirtcon. (Originally I thought the hashtag was “tech treats,” but I was wrong.)

Rachel is excited about the paperback version of Playing with Media!

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