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Comparing Electric Cars (October 2011)

Our family is not in a position to seriously consider purchasing a car now, but when we are I want to “go electric.” I found this comparison tool on Chevy’s website today that is helpful. I love lots of things about the Nissan Leaf, but am not sure I want a “commuter only” vehicle because of the limited range. If it was possible to tow and use a small electrical generator, as I’ve heard some people do with all electric cars, that would make it more viable. Even better if the generator had options for solar and CNG power.

What’s your take on the viability and desirability of our latest crop of electric cars? I think the Chevy Volt is looking pretty good.

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2 responses to “Comparing Electric Cars (October 2011)”

  1. Matt Montagne Avatar
    Matt Montagne

    Hey Wes,
    I test drove both the Volt and the Leaf this past summer. Both are phenomenal vehicles and each has unique strengths and weaknesses. Performance wise, I was really impressed by both cars. They had excellent acceleration and felt like any other car. One downside of the Volt from our perspective as a family is the fact that it only seats four…it was initially designed to be a two seater, so four is better than 2, but it is still a bit of a limitation for a one car family like ours. 

    You might want to keep an eye on the Toyota Prius plug in hybrid electric vehicle, which is slated to hit the market soon. Like the Volt, it has an all electric drive train with a built in gas generator that kicks in and charges the battery to extend the range.

    Tesla is also coming to market with an all electric family vehicle in their ‘Model S.’ The price point at 59K is out of our wheelhouse, but it is a compelling option.

    It’s exciting to think about the kind of vehicles we’re going to have access to in the next 3-5 years!

    Good luck!

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Thanks Matt! That is very good to know about backseat legroom for the Volt. We’ll need to carpool in our next car at times with 3 kids, plus have our whole family fit in at times, so that’s important.

    I think the plug-in Prius is coming out in March. I will be watching! We have owned several Toyotas and have been/are very pleased with their quality.

    When I visited the Tesla shop a couple of years ago and was asking lots of questions about electric cars, I remember hearing someone talk about trailers you can pull with an all-electric car that have a gas generator. That way you can charge on the go and still take cross-country trips. If that’s a viable option, I’ve been thinking about the Leaf & a charging trailer that has a CNG powered generator.

    It IS exciting to ponder the possibilities! 🙂