This evening I spent about fifteen minutes creating a short fairy tale with the iPad app, “Puppet Pals.” I’ve titled this 7 minute, 40 second animated classic, “Seeking Adventure in the Wide World.” Any correlation to real situations and people, including the epic struggle now underway to change the draconian content filtering policies of a large school district in the central USA, are purely coincidental and should be treated as the result of random humor inspired by iPad creativity.

I recorded this audio using an iRig microphone. I’ve been thinking about creating some kind of animated video like this one for many weeks, so I didn’t actually write a script for it. This was a fun experiment in impromptu puppet videography… definitely an example of “Playing with Media!” I quite enjoyed the chance to be creative and a bit “out of the box” with different voices.

Enjoy! And viva la revolucion en las escuelas para mas libertad!

'Meeting Princess Atta and Flik at the 25th Annual AIDS Walk Orange County' photo (c) 2011, Loren Javier - license:

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One Response to Seeking Adventure in the Wide World (Puppet Pals video)

  1. Paul Shircliff says:

    so the epic battle is not progressing?

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