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Podcast386: Implementing 1:1 Classrooms in Grand View Schools, Oklahoma

This podcast is a a recording of Cheryl Beaman and Michelle Barnes’ presentation, “Implementing 1:1 Classrooms” at the 2011 Innovative Learning Institute in Norman, Oklahoma, on November 10th. This annual conference is hosted by the K-20 Center at the University of Oklahoma. Cheryl Beaman is the director of technology for Grandview Public Schools, and Michelle Barnes is a 6th grade reading teacher as well as technology integration specialist in Grandview Schools. Grandview school leaders not only have the RIGHT vision and focus for their 1:1 program, they also have the RIGHT policies (driven by administrative vision for learning) when it comes to school Internet content filtering and professional development. This was a fantastic session and you don’t want to miss it! If only ALL our school leaders in Oklahoma could have the vision, passion, and understanding of digital learning like leaders of Grand View Public Schools do! The official session description was: “Our school has gone from two computer labs to interactive whiteboards to a 1:1 laptop project in a little over a year. What it takes… what to watch out for… what you can prepare for… and what you can expect.” As you’ll hear in their presentation, the network infrastructure and Internet bandwidth are key parts of the successful foundation built for digital learning in Grand View Schools. NewNet 66 has been and continues to be a key partner for the district when it comes to networking, connectivity, infrastructure, etc. Last year at the ILI Cheryl and Michelle’s presentation was absolutely the BEST and most inspiring presentation I was able to attend. This year I was not able to attend in person because of my scheduled presentation, but Dawn Pearce DID make it and recorded this session with permission. MANY thanks to Cheryl, Michelle, and Dawn. Enjoy and be inspired by some of Oklahoma’s finest, most creative and passionate educators! Please refer to the podcast shownotes for links to additional information and ways to connect further with Cheryl and Michelle.

Show Notes:

  1. Grand View Public Schools (Oklahoma) Digital 1:1 Project
  2. Grand View Public Schools, Oklahoma
  3. Michelle Barnes, 2011 OTA Technology Leader of the Year
  4. Michelle Barnes on Twitter: @MbarnesGV
  5. Grandview Tech Blog
  6. Mrs. Barnes’ Class on Twitter: @MrsBarnesClass
  7. LoTi: Levels of Teaching Innovation
  8. Implementing 1:1 Prepare Our Students for Their Future… TODAY! (Nov 2010 ILI presentation by Cheryl Beaman and Michelle Barnes)
  9. NewNet 66: Delivering Technology to Oklahoma Schools (Grand View Schools’ networking partner)
  10. K20 Innovative Learning Institute (Norman, Oklahoma)
  11. K20 Center at the University of Oklahoma
  12. Fuel for Educational Change Agents (Wesley Fryer’s supplementary podcast channel)

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