The Technology Shopping Cart podcast has been digitally resurrected after a 3 year hiatus of podfading! In this recorded call from December 23, 2011, Alice Barr, Karen Montgomery, and Wesley Fryer discussed a variety of iOS applications and technology gadgets on our wish lists for Christmas 2011. Refer to the podcast shownotes for links to all the items we discussed in the podcast!

Show Notes:

  1. Karen Montgomery on Twitter: @klmontgomery
  2. Alice Barr on Twitter: @alicebarr
  3. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  4. Technology Shopping Cart Podcast Archive
  5. Technology Shopping Cart Archived Episodes and Show Links (on PBworks)
  6. Educational Collaborators
  7. Yarmouth High School (Maine)
  8. Yukon Public Schools (Oklahoma)
  9. iCreate vs. iConsumption by Scott Meech
  10. Send content to Mobile Devices
  11. If This Then That
  12. Post and screencast: Create Clever Information Traps
  13. Starbucks iOS app (load money on the app)
  14. Pizza Hut iOS app for ordering
  15. Gmail iOS app
  16. Red Laser iOS app: Scan barcodes for more info in stores
  17. Amazon iOS app: Amazon remembers
  18. Best Buy iOS app
  19. Kindle Keyboard (in between Fire and low-end Kindle)
  20. iPod Touch
  21. Apple TV
  22. Apple Airport Express access point to extend home wifi network (Bandwidth / Networking – QOS at home / Netflix story)
  23. Netflix iOS app
  24. Flick Kick game app
  25. Amazon Whispersync for eBooks
  26. Handbrake (convert DVDs for iOS / iTunes)
  27. RipIt (convert DVDs for iOS / iTunes)
  28. Amazon Prime Membership
  29. Time Machine iPad app
  30. VoiceThread iOS app
  31. BlueJeans Network (used to bridge our videoconference for this call)
  32. Call Recorder for Skype (used to record this call)
  33. Levelator (used to normalize audio for this recording)

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