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A Creative ePub Audio Story Powered by Five Card Flickr Story

As a part of my breakout session in Minnesota today, “Tell a Story with 5 Photos,” participants and I used Alan Levine’s amazing “Five Card Flickr Story” site to create an enhanced ePub ebook. Instead of writing our creative story which used our selected images, we recorded our voices. I also added the direct links to each photo on Flickr separately on each page after the breakout session was over. We created AND published this entire project (including this blog post) on an iPad. I consider this our collaborative work of creativity to commemorate “Open Education Week” this week! Here is the direct link to download our enhanced ePub eBook, as well as links to all the digital resources we used for this project. (You will want to open this on an iPad, since it is currently the only eReader which can “play” enhanced ebooks.) Who says iPads aren’t wonderful for creating media?! The title of our creative masterpiece (made in 20 minutes) is “Dreams of Opera.”
Dropbox link to our ePub:
Five Card Flickr Story:
Tell a Story in 5 Photos resources from Wesley Fryer:
ePub made with Book Creator for iPad:  (Please note this is a correction, I inaccurately listed this previously as “eBook Creator”)


Image 1:




Image 3:


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Image 5:


Hat tip to Alec Couros for sharing”Five Card Flickr Story” in his amazing breakout session Tuesday on digital storytelling at the Heartland eLearning Conference:

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