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Great Educational Ideas from TEDxNYED

Today during Eric Marcos‘s luncheon keynote at Mobile Learning 2012, he referenced a recent video from Alan November for EdWeek in which he highlighted videos created by his students. My Google search brought up Alan’s talk last year at TEDxNYED, and I saw a host of great ‘related videos’ from the same event. Check these out and if you don’t have time to view them now, view them soon!

TEDxNYED – Alan November – 03/05/2011

TEDxNYED – Andy Carvin – 03/06/10

TEDxNYED – Chris Lehmann – 03/06/10

TEDxNYED – Heidi Hayes Jacobs – 03/05/2011

TEDxNYED – Henry Jenkins – 03/06/10

TEDxNYED – Brian Crosby – 03/05/2011

TEDxNYED – Will Richardson – 03/05/2011

TEDxNYED – Gary Stager – 03/05/2011

TEDxNYED – Dennis Littky – 03/05/2011

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