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Cloud App Bingo

This afternoon I’m teaching a workshop for Yukon Public Schools titled, “Apps and Clouds: An Introduction to Internet Resources.” The official title is:

Technology is changing fast and it’s easy to feel left behind! This session will provide an overview of some of the technology terms and concepts which are buzzwords in 2012. What do people mean when they talk about “cloud computing” or “saving it in the cloud?” What are the differences between apps for a smartphone or mobile device, and a laptop or desktop computer? How are eReaders like a Kindle or Nook different from a tablet computer like an iPad? This session will include lots of time for questions and answers. If you’re feeling unsure about where to start with professional development on technology topics, this will be a great session for you. Bring your questions, we’ll share the best answers we have and discuss them together.

I’m going to use a vocabulary bingo activity to get started, and ask participants to find someone in the room who can define each term. I’ve created the bingo card in as a Google Spreadsheet. (Feel free to borrow and modify this idea and document if desired.) Here’s a screenshot of my initial Bingo items. If needed I could make this a 5 x 5 bingo card instead of a 4 x 4. To win the Bingo prize, I’m thinking I’ll have the person call out the name of each individual who signed their card, and that person must correctly / accurately define the term for it to “count.” Do you have any suggestions for items to add, change or delete?

Cloud App Bingo (draft 1)

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