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Advice for a College Graduate

I shared the following thoughts in response to Kevin Corbett‘s post last week, “Your Advice To A New College Graduate?

Remember the plans you have today are unlikely to unfold in exactly the ways you’re anticipating now. Remember networking and personal connections are VITALLY important and they will open up doors for you that you haven’t even thought of now. Be open and flexible as new opportunities arise, but remain focused on not only your goals and dreams, but also the “core” of where you feel centered working and contributing. Remain true to your values. Never compromise your integrity. Choose your co-workers as well as your friends carefully. You will become more like them. It is possible to maintain focus and your work ethic in a ‘toxic’ environment filled with difficult people (or even just one difficult person) but in the long run it can be very draining. Count your blessings every day. Never underestimate the importance and value of kind words. Remember everyone you meet each day presents new opportunities for service and positive relationships. You don’t get any heartbeats back. Use them well.

Good luck to you!

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