Yesterday in the pre-conference workshop, “Digital Storytelling for Tribal Cultural Institutions” at the 2012 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums in Tulsa, Oklahoma, participants created the following 2.5 minute video addressing the question, “Why Is Storytelling Important?” Workshop participants recorded the video using an iPad and iRig microphone. I combined and edited the video clips in iMovie for iPad, but since the iPad version of iMovie doesn’t yet support “cutaway” still image inserts (b-roll images) I added a few of those using iMovie ’11 on my Macbook Air.

The next time I help participants create a video like this in a workshop on an iPad, we’ll get the iPad camera closer to each speaker and capture more of a “head and shoulders” shot of each person (more closely cropped) than the shots we captured in this video. Even though this isn’t ‘perfect’ and we certainly could have improved on the video with more time, I think it was positive to create the video during the afternoon workshop and demonstrate this ability to create “quick edit videos” using mobile devices like the iPad. I also demonstrated the creation of a narrated slideshow using the “Explain Everything” app, sharing some information about the Devon Boat House and Chasapeake Finish Line Tower in Oklahoma City from last Friday’s Creativity Institute.

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  1. Nancy Wright says:

    Thrilled to have run across your website and “Storytelling” project.  I am definitely going to share this website with my team teachers!  Congratulations!

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