I work in a small, rural PK-8 district, Grand View. Grand View consists of and early childhood center, elementary, and middle school all close and comfy with one another on one site just north of Tahlequah city limits in Northeastern Oklahoma.
Recently, our superintendent announced that he’d be interviewing applicants for a few different teaching positions. Two positions are in 1:1 classrooms. (I’d be glad to share details with anyone who wants to join the crazy, BUT awesome, Grand View 1:1 team!)

Lately, I’ve found myself pondering what ingredients make for an amazing, high quality teacher? These new teachers to the Grand View district will be responsible for teaching students that I love. My own children may wind up in these classrooms too. As a parent, district patron, and employee of the district I want the very best for this little country school, but what qualities do you look for in an amazing teacher?

I wonder what students would list as their 'must haves" for new GV teachers?

What attributes should potential, AWESOME teammates possess? Let me give this a go:


    Teachers that I respect treat students with respect and take the time to develop positive relationships.
    People with passion for education teach with gusto.
    Schools need to be places that foster CREATIVITY- lets start with creative teachers! (If all the textbooks vanished tomorrow would you freak?)
  4. DEDICATION to continue to learn and grow
    Dedication to learn isn’t demonstrated by attending a few PD days a year. Are you having ongoing conversations with your team mates? Planning projects together? Do you attend conferences? Are you connected with folks in your building and beyond to push yourself to learn and grow?
  5. NOT a control freak!!
    True student/learner-centered instruction means you have to let students have ownership of their education. Are you cool with that?


I realize that I haven’t included technology integration on my list. That’s on purpose. Technology is never the focus in my classroom although it’s used everyday. Teachers today should strive to develop a comfort level with using technology for their own learning and to create an environment for their students that allows for creativity and critical thinking. Many professionals use technology to complete their work tasks- let your students research and create using technology too- not as a special event but a daily necessity.


These are the characteristics that popped into my head; what ingredients do you think make for a superb teacher?


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  5. Joan Young says:

    I am so with you about relationships being at the top of the list. I would also include flexibility and “bounce back” ability. How will this person carry on when things don’t go as planned.. oh wait, that’s covered under “control freak!” Well done! I think that tech willingness far surpasses background knowledge. If we are motivated to learn with our students, we can get ourselves ready for any tech tool that comes our way! 

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