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Street Art + Stopmotion = Creative Digital Storytelling

Goons, the nephew of a participant in this week’s iPad Media Camp in Yukon, Oklahoma, is a Chicago “street artist” who created all the original artwork in the amazing 78 second stopmotion YouTube video, “Clean It Up,” sponsored by Orbit Gum. It currently has over 1 million views.

The teacher/relative of Goons shared this video with me as we learned about “Quick Edit iPad Videography” and publishing options for YouTube in today’s workshop. The curriculum I put together for the second day of my initial three-part iPad Media Camp was a far cry from the July 2011 “YouTube Teachers Studio” event, but hopefully our activities still inspired teacher participants to utilize video in more creative ways both personally and with students next school year. Yesterday we focused on Narrated SlideShows and Screencasts using the iPad apps Show Me (free) and Explain Everything ($2).

For more background about what drives Goons in his Chicago street art, check out the 3.5 minute video, “Goons!” He’s clearly a man driven by a desire to express himself creatively.

I added “Clean It Up” to my YouTube “Stopmotion” playlist, which now includes 23 videos.

Many of the participant media creations in the June 2012 iPad Media Camp are embedded/linked on and in the ShowMe channel iPadMediaCamp1.

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  1. Alanc230 Avatar

    Look out, ghost of Keith Haring, here comes Goons!