This podcast includes a recording of June 2012 iPad Media Camp participant “takeaways” as well as reflections by facilitator Wesley Fryer about lessons learned from this three day workshop. Refer to podcast shownotes for referenced links and resources. If you are interested in hosting an iPad Media Camp workshop for teachers at your school or in your organization, please contact Wesley Fryer! Spots are still available for the July 11-13 iPad Media Camp in Oklahoma City.

Show Notes:

  2. Recommended iPad Apps for iPad Media Camp (pre-camp preparations)
  3. iPad Media Camp Curriculum (June 2012)
  4. @iPadMediaCamp on Twitter
  5. Participant media products were published to
  6. Participant ShowMe narrated slideshows were published to
  7. iPad software mirroring options: Reflection App or Air Server Software
  8. iPad external microphone options:  iRig Microphone ($60)- TASCAM’s iXZ adapter (for professional XLR microphones) – Apple’s Camera Connection Kit with a USB mic like a Snowball
  9. July 11-13 iPad Media Camp in Oklahoma City
  10. Google Apps for Education
  11. YouTube for Schools
  12. Yukon Public Schools, Oklahoma
  13. YPS FAQ: Create an Educational YouTube Channel
  14. YPS FAQ: Bypass the District Content Filter
  15. Podcast: Improving Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking Skills with Media (Camp Plug & Play, Tuscon, AZ, 11 June 2012)
  16. Fuel for Educational Change Agents (Wesley Fryer’s secondary podcast channel)
  17. Contact Wesley Fryer

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