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Internet Resources for our District Internet Cafe PD Activity

For a professional development day next month in our school district, our curriculum director is organizing an “Internet Cafe” activity. We’re using a collaborative Google Spreadsheet to brainstorm outstanding resource websites which directly address different content areas. Here are a few of the sites I added to the spreadsheet today.

Elementary school video channel (from Santa Monica, CA) featuring student-created math screencasts about concepts and skills
Khan Academy includes thousands of math screencast videos, and also a ‘coaching’ feature so teachers, parents or other coaches can monitor student progress
Incredible YouTube channel of Minnesota high school math teacher Marty Brandl. He’s had over 1 million video views to date. Really interesting perspective on the value of publicly sharing screencasts not only for his own students, but for others too. Notes from a session I attended by Marty in March 2012 are available.

Social Studies
Free/open US History textbook from CK12
Larry Ferlazzo’s best Social Studies sites from 2011

The Best Sources Of Ideas For Simple Classroom Science Experiments by Larry Ferlazzo

The NWP Digital Is website is a collection of ideas, reflections, and stories about what it means to teach writing in our digital, interconnected world. Read, discuss, and share ideas about teaching writing today.
Youth Voices: a great network of student writers and teachers, connected to the National Writing Project

Art / Music
Art Snacks is a supportive, teacher-moderated community for artists of all ages to share their work, inspirations, ideas and sketches. Started by Kevin Honeycutt
Fingerpaint with your Voice – Singing Fingers is a free app for iOS.

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