I spent eight hours today continuing to develop and refine the 2 day workshop curriculum on “iPad Digital Storytelling” which I’m developing with others for Storychasers. We’re creating an “iPad only” workshop which doesn’t require the use of a laptop or desktop computer: Just an iPad. We want to help participants create narrated slideshow videos which include:

  • Edited audio narration
  • The option to also include interview audio
  • Digital images with “Ken Burns effect” zooms

The two iPad apps we’re using to meet these requirements are Hokusai (free) and iMovie for iPad ($5). Here is my first Hokusai and iMovie for iPad creation, “Boiling River in Yellowstone.”

Contrast this with the edited video I published in July, “Boiling River: Best Kept Secret In Yellowstone.”

While it’s great to know how to edit and publish recorded video clips, Storychasers has found over the past five years it’s a good idea to help teachers learn first how to narrate, sequence, and combine still digital images with audio. I’m very enthused with how our “iPad Digital Storytelling” workshop curriculum is shaping up, and look forward to helping facilitate our first two-day workshop with it in the next few months!

Boiling River north of Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

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3 Responses to First iPad Digital Story with Hokusai and iMovie for iPad

  1. paul shircliff says:

    narrating a slideshow (digital stills) is the first thing I want students to do (write steps or ideas on a whiteboard, take a pic, do the next step, take a pic…then narrate it). ExplainEverything is great on the iPad, but there is not a free or inexpensive iPhone app. The Ken Burns effect is a distraction when doing this with student whiteboards….parts of the whiteboard are out of frame. I wish there was an easy way to turn off the Ken Burns effect in iMovie.

  2. Carmen says:

    Who sells I-Pads to our Palm Beach School District?

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    I’m pretty sure they buy them through your local education Apple rep. You can find out who an institutional Apple rep is through the contact info listed on the Apple Education page:

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