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Can Support Moderated Web Forms for Post Contributions Like WordPress?

I’d love some help answering this question: Can sites support “moderated web forms for post contributions which include attached photos” like WordPress can using Gravity forms or TDO-Mini Forms? I think the answer is no, but I’d like confirmation.

I need to setup a “lesson idea sharing site” for teachers and principals to use in a district, but do NOT want to require people to join/login to a Blogger site / dashboard and contribute by adding a post that way. I want to allow teachers and principals to anonymously (without a login) submit a title, message, and attached photo from a simple web form. This is the type of “crowdsourced school news contribute form” I’ve setup this year for the ClassenSAS PTSA. If Blogger can do this, I’ll probably give it a try, since the district I’m working with already uses Google Apps for Education. If it won’t, however, I’ll go with WordPress and Gravity Forms.

WordPress Contribute Form

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2 responses to “Can Support Moderated Web Forms for Post Contributions Like WordPress?”

  1. Paul Shircliff Avatar
    Paul Shircliff

    blogger can have a GoogleDocs Form embedded and probably embed the accompanying spreadsheet with the shared info…

  2. Ted Johnson Avatar

    Did you find any solutions? I need the same for a reunion web site. I’d like classmates to be able to upload photos. Ideally, they would be stored on Picasa or another photo site. At a minimum they could be sent by email.