I love digital photography, but to date have rarely printed my photos. My wife used to be an “analog” scrapbooker, and enjoyed putting together photo collages of prints taken “back in the day” before Flickr, Instagram and Facebook. This fall, my wife joined me on a couple trips to Colorado as well as Oregon for my 20th college reunion as well as a state library conference. To document our shared adventures together on these trips, I used the wonderful service Keepsy to create and order small photo books of some of the images from these trips.


Since I could COMPLETELY create these photo albums from my iPhone, I actually made one of them on an airplane flight back to Oklahoma City. I certainly could have downloaded photos to my laptop and ordered an Apple iPhoto book, but that would have (most likely) been a more expensive prospect. It also CERTAINLY would have required “more clicks,” or as the case is with an iPhone and latest-gen MacBook trackpad, more taps and gestures. Keepsy was a great solution. Each of these books cost about $20, and shipped to our house from Palo Alto in about a week. I especially like the Keepsy option to make photos full-bleed, so they fill each page from edge to edge.


The Keepsy app for iPhone, for some reason now confusingly renamed “Time Warp Camera,” lets you add photos from different iPhone albums and decide how to display them on individual pages. You can choose to print more than one photo on a page, but I found the results are best when sticking with one photo per page and making it “full bleed.” You can directly order your printed photo books from the app, and don’t have to do a think on a laptop or desktop computer.

Editing a Keepsy Photo Book on an iPhone

If you’re an iPhoneographer, give Keepsy a try!

Have you tried other “all mobile” printed photo book apps? If so, what have your experiences been? It’s likely I’ll keep trying other mobile photo book printing options. Now I’m thinking I might created a print book for my photo 365 project!

Check out the Keepsy blog for great iPhoneography tips, and follow them on Twitter: @keepsy.

Hat tip to Lisa Christen (@thehomeworkdog) for her recent tweet about PhotoCruncher‘s new mobile app, which led to my discovery of Keepsy!

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3 Responses to Create Printed Photo Books with your iPhone Using Keepsy

  1. Keepsy says:

    Thanks for the great review, Wesley! Sorry about the confusion with the name change to Time Warp Camera. We did a lot of field testing, and people responded so positively to the new feature that a name change seemed in order. We’re really happy to hear you liked your books.

  2. Hi Wesley – we’re launching an iPad app next month called SPOKEnPHOTO Album where you can add your voice to photos in your album and share. Release 2 will allow printing and access to the voice/comments from the printed version. Let us know if you’re interested in being involved in the Beta over the coming weeks! You can check out our SPOKEnPHOTO iPhone app in the meantime: http://ow.ly/eSXxp

  3. Thanks for sharing this Wes. I take lots of pics and watch them go by… I’m going to give to download and try this out.

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