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Great Videos for Public Relations Media Training

Today I attended and helped technologically facilitate a wonderful workshop presented by Karen Wicker. Karen is founder and President of Candor Public Relations in Oklahoma City, and presents workshops for a wide variety of audiences about crisis management, crisis media responses, and developing proactive organizational response plans to unexpected events. I took notes and will be sharing those soon, but tonight I want to share a series of five videos which Karen identified as great for discussions about public relations media responses to different situations. These videos can serve as conversation catalysts about a host of issues, not just PR and media crisis response. Check them out! Follow Candor Public Relations on Twitter at @candorpr.

The Power of Words (1:48)

(I used this one last year with my 6th grade Sunday School class in the context of how important the words we choose to say and write can be.)

BP’s PR Offensive (2:09)

(This is a case study in how NOT to craft and share crisis response messages in the mainstream media.)

Tiger Woods’ Press Conference Apology (13:56)

Clint McCance, Anti-Gay School Board Ranter, Interviewed by Anderson Cooper Part 1 (14:16)

Wiggles interview about Sam’s firing goes bad (Today Show Australia) (3:00)

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