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An #etmooc Distributed Digital Storytelling Activity about Beauty

Thanks to a tweet from Alec Couros, I joined in a wonderful 60 minute webinar shared by Darren Kuropatwa today about digital storytelling. This session is part of etmooc: A Massive Open Online Course on Educational Technology and Media. Topic #2 of #etmooc (for Feb 3-16) is Digital Storytelling.

In the session Darren shared all the links to his resources in the Google Doc, “Once Upon A Time … we left breadcrumbs.” He also shared another amazing Google Doc for a collaborative activity we did during the session, “Writing Prompts for Teachers & Teacher Candidates.” Here are Darren’s slides that he used during the preso: “Once upon a time…”

Once upon a time … from Darren Kuropatwa

For the closing activity of the webinar, Darren asked everyone to go take a short video of “5 Seconds of Beauty,” and then upload the video to his DropBox using DROPitTOme. DROPitTOme is a free service that allows you to, with a password you create, enable other people to directly upload files to a specific folder in your dropbox.

DROPitTO - dkuropatwa

Using the screensharing feature of Blackboard Collaborate, Darren then showed us how it’s possible to take shared video clips from Dropbox, drop them into iMovie on a Mac, mute the clips, add background audio, add a short intro and outtro text bumper, and publish the video to YouTube directly from iMovie. Here’s the finished video, “etmooc Beauty,” which Darren created and shared DURING our webinar. My video clip was of grass in our backyard in Oklahoma:

This was an amazing webinar and experience for many reasons, and it certainly got me thinking about the BYOD ISTE 2013 session I’m leading, “iOS Mobile Storychasing.” The session description is:

Learn how to use iOS devices to share audio, video, images, and text to create geo-mapped digital stories about places, people, and events.

It was SO wonderful to see an aggregated video, created in realtime, from different parts of the world today. The snow scenes were clear reminders that many of the participants in today’s #etmooc live in Canada! If you have not already, start following the #etmooc hashtag in Twitter, follow @etmooc on Twitter, and subscribe to the etmooc blog in Google Reader or whatever you use as a “feed reader.” This initial etmooc experience runs January 14 to March 27, 2013.

Many thanks to Darren for today’s WONDERFUL presentation, as well as all the other folks “behind the scenes” who facilitated and helped to make this successful!

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6 responses to “An #etmooc Distributed Digital Storytelling Activity about Beauty”

  1. Darren Kuropatwa Avatar

    Hi Wes,

    Thanks for sharing this. I’d be curious to learn how the ideas I shared today play out in your upcoming workshop and elsewhere.

    It was really great seeing you “in the room” today. Made me feel a little more confident when I was walking the high-wire. 😉

    Be well my friend. 😉


  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    I was cheering for you as always, Darren! 🙂 You did a masterful job. Such a fun way to create and share synchronously. I hope it inspires many other teachers to try similar projects with their students. 🙂