This weekend I was blessed with an opportunity to see the 2012 movie and musical, Les Miserables. It was incredible. I read Les Mis in high school, and it was the first off-Broadway musical my wife and I saw in Lubbock, Texas, in the early 2000s. It’s an incredibly moving and powerful tale, but this cast and presentation format is a huge emotional multiplier. I strongly recommend the film, whether you can see it locally while it’s still in theaters or you watch it later after it comes out on DVD. This is definitely a movie we’re going to buy to own as a family.

Take 4.5 minutes and watch this video, “Les Miserables “Singing Live” Featurette Official.” This video will give you a feel for how amazing and transformative the “live singing” format of this movie was and is.

This is the most powerful movie I’ve ever seen about grace, forgiveness, starting over, and the power of faith in God to open doors which otherwise would never open. Of course it’s fiction, but the reality on which it’s based is timeless. Many suffer now in the grip of poverty which seems so black and deep that all life seems hopeless. Yet in the darkness, the light still shines.

Each day as we work with and around others, we have opportunities to be that light, and let that light shine through in the love and kindness we show to others.

May we each be the light today, in someone else’s dark hour, which they have waited and hoped for.

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