These are my notes from Carol Broos‘ presentation, “Infusing the Arts in the Common Core” on February 28 2013 at the ICE 2013 conference in Chicago. Carol is @musictechie on Twitter. Resources for this session are available on Carol’s wiki. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS.


Let Me Tell MY Story” (2010)

Get RIPped: Rigor, Innovation, and Passion (2011 KEYNOTE)

Literacy to Transliteracy
– I am really into transliteracy now
– it’s not about being literate in ONE format
– it means everything is supported: words, audio
– means ‘across or through’
– read across everything
WikiPedia definition:

You really shortchange your students when you ask them to use images off Google and someone else’

writing music is easier than writing a story

Imperial March from Star Wars is 3 notes
– music is doing LESS
– in music: silence is as important as sound
– write music with three notes, and repeat it (you’re supposed

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony based on 3 note repeat

No one says “I can’t take a picture” anymoe” (remember those days gone by!)

EVerything revolves around a story
– music is a story
– music makes laughter
– music makes emotion
– don’t just teach “this is a C” or “this is an A” (if you do, no wonder kids hate your class!)
– kis want to compose!

First thing I started with: Sound Effects
– 5 sentences and 5 sound effects

– picture stories

– content

All my kids over time learned to write stories through music
– I taught them everything in music should tell a story

Color project
– take pictures of purple
– started visually first
– add music later

Other times kids start with a story first
– then the story tells them what to get pictures of

Whip My Hair

The Last Switch
– switch is a soft drink


Projects that Work

“Color My World”

Management of devices:
– if you send kids out with devices “without a purpose” you will get photos of the bathroom and kids rolling on the floor
– I made my students “scout for their photos”
– kids had to ran around and take their photos: I just had 2 cameras in my room
– kids had to work on other things until they had scouted for their photos

Take your own pictures
– it’s powerful when you have and use your OWN pictures and your own art

If I gave you a box of crayons, would you use every one? Don’t use all the notes on the musical staff either
– art and music are about silence and deletion: silence is key

Take your OWN pictures, compose your OWN music, create your OWN movies, draw your OWN logo

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