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Prepping a new iPad Mini for 3rd Grade

I’m hoping to loan a new iPad Mini to my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher for the rest of this semester, so she and her students can create enhanced eBooks with some of the stories / writing projects they’ve been working on. Today I configured it with apps I’d previously purchased on my iTunes account, which I thought would be appropriate / helpful for the 3rd graders. (My daughters also added a few apps I wouldn’t have installed, including Netflix and some games.) Here are screenshots of the apps as I’ve organized them. Keeping in mind this is a 3rd grade classroom, what apps do you think I’m missing that should be added?

iPad Mini Apps (March 2013)

eBook Creation Apps (March 2013)

Art Apps (March 2013)

Screencasting Apps (March 2013)

Audio & Music Apps (March 2013)

Media Apps (March 2013)

Photography Apps (March 2013)

eText Apps (March 2013)

iOS Games (March 2013)

Animation Apps (March 2013)

Math Science Apps (March 2013)

Productivity Apps (March 2013)

News Apps (March 2013)

iOS Browser Apps (March 2013)

Utility Apps (March 2013)

I have more iPad app recommendations listed on my apps page for iPad Media Camp (media creation apps), the apps page for “iPad with Wes” (productivity apps) and in my iOS app lists on Appolicious.

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3 responses to “Prepping a new iPad Mini for 3rd Grade”

  1. Lucie deLaBruere Avatar
    Lucie deLaBruere

    TinkerBoxHD is a must install in my book. By Autodesk
    Can’t even believe this is a free App by Autodesk.

  2. Sheri Terrell Avatar
    Sheri Terrell

    This is not an app that I know of, but I noticed that you had news apps.. maybe you can use an app and add this as a feed

  3. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Thanks to suggestions by Michael Fricano II, I added “MyBrushes, Hello Crayon, Hello Color Pencil, Hello Chalk, and Colorific” to my iPad drawing apps list on Appolicious:–art-apps