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Sharing Apple iCloud Calendars and Google Calendars

Yesterday I spent some time wrangling with calendar sharing options, and learned via a Google Group post by a Google Employee (according to his profile) that it’s not possible to import (or “subscribe”) to an Apple iCloud Calendar into/within a Google Calendar. The details are:

Thanks for reporting this issue. iCloud robots.txt prohibits all search engines to get data, and Google always respects what’s written in robots.txt. Unfortunately this means, that you are not able to subscribe to publicly shared iCloud calendar.

We reached out to Apple to highlight this issue, and their decision is to leave robots.txt the way it is now.

That post was dated 15 November 2011, and it does NOT appear Apple’s position on this has changed. The result of this, for the person I was helping to aggregate shared calendars, is that she has to use Apple’s Calendar program on her laptop to combine calendars. With it she can “subscribe” (as read-only calendars) to both Apple iCloud Calendars as well as shared Google Calendars. This can be done with a Google Calendar without “publicly” sharing the address, instead you can use the “private” calendar address available at the bottom of calendar settings.

Google Calendar Private Address-1

Get the read-only address for an Apple Calendar to share by clicking the “radio signal” icon to the right of your calendar & choose to send an email. Send it to the person you want to share your calendar with (along with the “private addresses” of any Google Calendars you want to share) and then they can import the calendar into their Apple Calendar app by choosing FILE – IMPORT.

Share Apple Calendar Subscription

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