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Create an Online Radio Show with Spreaker DJ for iPad

Earlier this week I created an 8 minute, 42 second screencast demonstrating how to use the free iPad app “Spreaker DJ” to record and publish a free radio show / audio podcast online. gives users 10 hours of free hosted audio podcast / radio show cloud storage, and provides free apps for both smartphones and tablets. Spreaker now joins iPadio as one of my favorite audio podcasting / radio show websites, apps and platforms.

I added this screencast video to my YouTube playlist, “iPad Tutorials.” Access additional resources and tutorials on the “Radio Shows” page of Mapping Media to the Common Core.

The 15 minute audio interview with my wife I referenced in the screencast, “Urban Ministry in Oklahoma City” is embedded below and also available on my Christian blog, Eyes Right.

Spreaker Public Page for Wesley Fryer

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One response to “Create an Online Radio Show with Spreaker DJ for iPad”

  1. Michael Breckenridge Avatar
    Michael Breckenridge

    Mr. Fryer,

    My name is Michael Breckenridge and I am a student at the University of South Alabama, and I was assigned to read your lastest blog post. I found this post very informative and helpful. I like how you decided to make a post about an app that can allow people to create a free radio show or an audio podcast. The reason why is because I have never heard of Speaker DJ before this post, and even though I don’t necessarily need it now I might in the future, and knowing that there is a free app that can allow me to be heard on a mass media basis is very informational. I also like how you added your other favorite app this way it allows people to be able to compare the two or use both. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and finding out other useful tools I can use.

    Michael Breckenridge