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As a free audio service with free smartphone apps for both iPhone and Android, AudioBoo is an ideal platform to use on a student field trip to document experiences with both audio and images. This morning I accompanied my 3rd grade daughter’s class to the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City, as a parent volunteer. In advance I created a 1 page flyer for other parents who might be interested in also using AudioBoo with their student group. (Also available as a PDF.)

Documenting our Field Trip with AudioBoo

The version I shared with parents already had the userID and password for the free AudioBoo account/channel I setup included.

Here is an “AudioBoo board” of eight photos and audio narrations our group created today at the History Center.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture WITH accompanying audio narration is worth one thousand! Behold, the power of “narrated art / narrated photos!”

Chicago-area elementary art teacher Tricia Fuglestad used AudioBoo with her students on a recent field trip to the Chicago Museum of Art. She also live-tweeted their trip! Check out Tricia’s post about the experience, their AudioBoo channel and this AudioBoo board of their field trip experiences.

Also check out the awesome 69 second video Tricia created afterwards, “Musical Tutorial of AudioBoo.”

Musical Tutorial of AudioBoo from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.

Field trips can rock, and so can mobile technology tools like AudioBoo! Our experiences today reinforce how important it is to REGULARLY challenge students to talk about their learning and even record/share their thoughts digitally. These are skills our students need to practice to develop, and many aren’t doing this enough now! Technology can be a powerful amplifier, and field trips with smartphone-wielding parent volunteers can provide ideal opportunities to use tools like AudioBoo to deepen as well as extend student learning.

Oklahoma History Center Field Trip

Oklahoma History Center Field Trip

Oklahoma History Center Field Trip

Oklahoma History Center Field Trip

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