This podcast is an audio recording of Jennifer Magiera and Autumn Laidler’s ISTE 2013 presentation, “Amplifying Our Students: Social Media in the Classroom.” The official session description was: Find ways to leverage social media, such as Twitter, blogs, Google Moderator and YouTube to amplify K-12 student learning and create more authentic learning environments. Refer to the podcast shownotes to Autumn’s blog, “Science in the City,” and Jennie’s blog, “Teaching Like It’s 2999.” This was a FANTASTIC presentation about truly helping students to discover their voices, be empowered to responsibly and constructively share their voices / ideas with others on social media, and make learning much more engaging for everyone concerned. Jenny and Autumn rock! Their students and fellow teachers are blessed to know them and work with them in Chicago Public Schools!

Show Notes:

  1. Jennifer Magiera on Twitter: @MsMagiera
  2. Jennifer Magiera’s blog, Teaching Like It’s 2999
  3. Autumn Laidler on Twitter: @MsLaidler
  4. Autumn Laidler’s blog, Science in the City
  5. Ms. Laidler’s Vimeo Channel (includes many student videos!)
  6. Today’s Meet
  7. Edmodo
  8. Schoology
  9. Text notes from this session (by @wfryer)
  10. Fuel 4 Educational Change Agents (secondary podcast channel by @wfryer)

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