Today in Bethany, Oklahoma, I spent the day introducing about fifty elementary teachers to “Mapping Media to the Common Core.” We learned to create narrated slideshows with EduCreations, create enhanced eBooks with Book Creator for iPad, create “narrated art” with AudioBoo, share “5 Photo Stories” to a Blogger site with email, and why it can be helpful to introduce students to “visual notetaking.” To start the day, we watched and discussed the video, “Good Night iPad” by Ayn Droid.

After lunch, I shared the wonderful Google Search StoryCheryl and Morgan: Learning Independence.”

Here’s the two minute AudioBoo “narrated art” recording we created together in the workshop after seeing these videos, “Comparing Goodnight iPad & Morgan’s Search Story.”

This learning strategy of using two different videos to help students identify similarities and differences is an excellent one, and I particularly enjoy pairing it with an audio platform like AudioBoo. This is a slide I shared with teachers highlighting recommended instructional strategies from Robert Marazano’s book “Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement.”

What Increases Student Achievement?

Technology alone does not increase student achievement or improve student test scores! Effective instructional strategies which utilize technologies, however, can be wonderful for helping students learn… and yes, even improve test scores. They also, however, can make for engaging and fun learning activities!

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