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iOS Content Creators Rejoice: iMovie, Pages, Keynote and More FREE on New Devices!

This evening I watched the entire “special event” video from Apple’s iPhone 5c/5S announcements in Cupertino today. While the new iPhones look great, the announcement that iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS are now FREE for everyone purchasing a new iOS device is absolutely wonderful! This is particularly great news for schools implementing 1 to 1 learning initiatives with iPads. Each of these apps are fantastic, but not every school can or does budget the money to purchase them for students and teachers. Now, they won’t have to… for NEW devices purchased after today!

Wow! iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, ...

My three favorite “paid creation apps” on the iPad have been Explain Everything, iMovie, and Book Creator. These are three of the primary apps I help teachers learn to use during iPad Media Camps. Now, iMovie is FREE for new iOS devices and Book Creator has a free version which permits users to create their first eBook. (An in-app purchase is required to create additional ebooks.) Woo hoo! Just having iMovie as a free app on new iOS devices is SUPER news IMHO.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook in his presentation today, new iOS device users will be able to download these five mobile creation apps directly from the App store for free. It looks like this will work just like iBooks does, except iBooks is free for everyone. These creation apps won’t be free on existing / older iOS devices.

I thoroughly agree with MG Siegler‘s post on TechCrunch today, “Forget “Cheap”, The iPhone 5c Is Clearly The iPhone Jony Ive Wanted For iOS 7.” The iPhone 5c looks stunning. My iPhone5 contract isn’t up so I’m not ready for an upgrade, but my wife is with her iPhone4 so I’m thinking she’ll be the first in our family to experience one of these new colorful iPhones. The processing power of the iPhone5S with the A7 64-bit processor is stunning, however: TWICE as fast as the iPhone5 and iPhone5c’s A6 processor.

Incredible - 64 bit A7 chip ...

When it comes to visualizing exponential growth, my mind keeps flashing back to circa-1997 when I heard Ian Jukes present at TCEA for the first time. We’re only now in the ELBOW of the exponential growth curve for mobile processors. If you think the iPhone5S is fast, just wait five years. It’s only getting faster, and it’s DOUBLING yearly in many cases… as it is in this one.

The communications and literacy train is moving fast, and it’s not slowing down. We need to help our school administrators, as well as our teachers, get on board with digital learning now more than ever. It’s time to map media to the curriculum! What do you want to create today?!

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