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Good Teachers Make a HUGE Difference – and PD is VITAL! [VIDEO]

This evening in Galena, Illinois, I shared how wonderful the Mobile Learning Conference was several weeks ago in Tucson, as well as the other conferences sponsored by the Arizona K-12 Center. These conversations reminded me of the fantastic 3.5 minute video which the center put together several years ago. This is one of the most powerful and effective videos I’ve ever seen which highlights the importance of good teachers as well as ongoing professional development. Take a few minutes and watch it.

Whether or not you’re in Arizona, consider sharing this video with others you know to make these critical educational points. We need the best teachers we can possible have in our classrooms. We all need to remain lifelong learners. To do those things, we need ongoing, high quality professional development opportunities for teachers in all grade levels and content areas.

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Well done, Arizona K-12 Center!

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4 responses to “Good Teachers Make a HUGE Difference – and PD is VITAL! [VIDEO]”

  1. kwalsh1 Avatar

    This is excellent! Thanks for sharing Wesley. If only we could get more educational institutions and governmental representatives to embrace this way of thinking.

  2. Kayla Christie Avatar
    Kayla Christie

    My name is Kayla Christie, and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. Thank you so much for sharing this post! I always think about as a future educator how we are shaping our future leader’s minds. It is important to not see them just as children, and we realize how important it is to always have ongoing professional development opportunities. I think if more people saw this video, they could see how important teachers are in society. Please feel free to check out my blog, as well as my class blog.