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(This post is sponsored by In compliance with 2013 FTC .com Disclosures, the author discloses he was given an 8′ x 8.6′ “Total Transportation Play Town Rug” by to create this review. See the author’s blog disclosure policy for additional details.)

I love playing on the floor with kids. In school classrooms, classrooms at our church where I’ve taught, and at home, I love carpets and rugs which have drawings and designs that encourage us to build, create and play on the floor. When I was offered an opportunity to receive and review a medium-sized classroom rug earlier this year by, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. This is the first post I’ve shared on my blog which has been supported by a gift like this, and it’s been a very positive experience. While my own children are getting older and don’t play on the floor as much as they used to, the kids of relatives and friends we have over to our house have loved playing on this transportation-focused rug with wooden trains, matchbox cars, blocks, and other toys.

Classroom or Home Rug for Kids by kidcar by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Wesley Fryer 

I’ve seen and used a variety of different rugs in classrooms over the years, and I know it’s important to have carpet that is resilient to spills and hard use. As our family has used this Kidcarpet rug the past year, it’s seen its fair share of messes and cleanups. We’ve even (sadly) had a few dog-created messes on it. (Such is life with two golden retrievers, and one that is getting on in years.) I’ve been pleased that after using different cleaners and chemicals on our Kidcarpet rug to sanitize our messes, our rug has maintained its colors and designs without a hitch. Today you can’t tell we’ve had a few spills on it.

Sarah and Jake by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Wesley Fryer 

If you’re looking for a high quality, fun rug to buy for your classroom, house, or other area where kids will play, I can unreservedly recommend rugs. They have lots of different rugs in different categories available. My favorites are the play rugs, classroom rugs, and road rugs.

Check ’em out!

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  2. […] This is a post about a resource that every kindergarten, and perhaps even first grade, classroom should have!  ITS THE TRANSPORTATION PLAY TOWN RUG!!  I love it!  While the author, Wes, talks about the durability, I’m here to talk about the possibilities!! […]