This audio podcast is a reflection by Wesley and Shelly Fryer following a series of workshops on “Improving Student Writing with iPads” shared in Lewisville, Texas, January 23 and 24, 2014. We reflected on the tools and apps shared during the workshop, including TodaysMeet, KidBlog, and AudioBoo, and also discussed how different teachers (with different levels of experience using iPads and teaching students) can start implementing these ideas with students. Refer to the podcast shownotes for links to referenced resources mentioned in the podcast.

Show Notes:

  1. Presentation slides for “Improving Student Writing with iPads” on SlideShare
  2. Cutting Edgucation podcast (@cuttingedgu) by Jake Duncan (@duncanbilingual) and Wendy Sanders (@kenya75)
  3. Jennie Magiera (@MsMagiera) and Autumn Laidler (@MsLaidler)
  4. Social Media in the Classroom: Amplifying our Students by Jennie Magiera & Autumn Laidler (ISTE13 podcast)
  5. TodaysMeet
  6. AudioBoo
  7. KidBlog
  8. #comments4kids on Twitter
  9. Classroom Blogs of Wesley Fryer’s STEM students (@iesSTEM)
  10. Life Cycle of a Snowman (stopmotion video) by @missmac100
  11. Interactive Writing Lessons website (still in draft form)
  12. notes Nov 2009: Classroom Basics for 1:1 Computing by Shawn Massey and Wynn Draper-Bryant (Flint Community Schools, Michigan)
  13. Podcast335: Classroom Basics for 1:1 Computing by Shawn Massey and Wynn Draper-Bryant
  14. “Our Batak House” enhanced eBook on the iBookstore by Jane Ross (@janeinjava)
  15. Podstock 2014 Conference (Wichita, Kansas)
  16. Shelly Fryer on Twitter: @sfryer
  17. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer

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