This week at the Google Summit in Richardson, Texas, Jim Sill shared part of this video from GoPro in his closing keynote. I have seen the GoPro camera and been a little more aware of it because how our church videographers have used one in the past few months to create some pretty stunning perspective videos about individuals. This video from GoPro, however, takes the idea of first person perspective to a whole different level.

Videos like this can immediately inspire kids to start thinking creatively about videography and digital storytelling. Of course, they may also create unrealistic expectations of what you might actually be able to record in a dangerous situation, as Jim demonstrated humorously with a shark tank video he made with his family a few summers ago. My youngest daughter, Rachel, immediately started talking about getting one of these and using them on a zip line which we might go on this summer when we travel to Vermont. Between the slow-motion features of the iPhone 5s and the extreme perspective possibilities of the GoPro camera, it is pretty amazing where we can go with digital videography today.


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