Last Thursday and Friday my wife and I attended Miami Device, and not surprisingly, we brought a large number of “digital devices” with us to the conference. Shelly brought a Chromebook, iPad and iPhone, while I brought a MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and Nexus tablet. If you’ve traveled with members of your family recently, I’m guessing you’ve run into difficulties similar to those we faced this summer when we went cross-country with five people: SO many devices to charge at night, and frequently not enough cables or chargers. It’s can feel like a major undertaking to try and keep track of all the chargers!

Fortunately, this summer (thanks to a tweet from Sara Carter) we discovered Anker chargers. We went to Miami Device armed with three different Anker devices, and they worked GREAT. (This is an unsolicited and uncompensated plug for Anker products, BTW… just in case you were wondering!)

The first and most important of these was the “Anker 25W 5-Port USB Family-Sized Desktop Charger.” The Anker provides the correct amount of electricity for whatever kind of device you plug in. An iPad, for example, gets the extra charging juice that it needs compared to an iPhone. This is true of all the Anker device chargers we have, actually. With AC power plugs limited in a hotel room, it’s great to be able to plug in once device and charge five things with it. It’s also simpler, since Apple iOS devices come with 5W, 10W, and 12W chargers depending on the device. That can be hard to keep track of. With this Anker desktop charger, you just need to be sure you have enough 30 pin or lightning iOS cables.

The second charging device we brought was the “Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 12000mAh External Battery Charger with PowerIQ Technology.” It has a pretty amazing 12000mAh of charging power. To put that into perspective, according to CNET the iPhone 5S has a 1,570 mAh battery, while the iPad 2 has a 6,930 mAh battery. Later iPad model batteries are larger. iPad Mini batteries are in between. Whatever devices you have, 12,000 mAh is a considerable amount of portable electricity to have available on the go. Although this charger is heavier than many others, it’s also BIG by capacity comparison and that’s great when you have multiple devices to recharge, including iPads.

The third Anker item we brought on our trip last week was the “Anker 24W Dual-Port USB Car Charger.” I like that it has two USB ports, so we can charge two devices (again with the correct amount of electricity) at the same time when we’re in the car.

If you face challenges finding and keeping track of all the charging plugs and cords at your house and/or on the go, consider these charging products from Anker. They’re working great for us!

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